Building a Better Administrative Strategy

Managing a medical practice takes valuable time away from providing patient care – that’s where CareMount Health Solutions (CMHS) works with the medical groups to develop real-world business strategies that align clinicians and administrators with the medical group’s greater goals. The administrative team offers management of capital and operating budgets, review of day-to-day operations including scheduling, billing, and collections, information technology and data security among other operational services that ensure the business objectives of the practice are met. CMHS offers physicians, providers, and healthcare leaders a new approach to “managed care,” one that understands both the challenges and the opportunities within each individual practice while avoiding disruption of current processes or relationships.

CMHS administrative services include:

Provider Relations and Governance: CMHS utilizes a working partnership between physician leaders and administrative operations. Our strategies are aligned and culminate around a high level of performance and engagement of physicians and staff. CMHS is governed by likeminded; quality-focused professionals who help promote trust and teamwork among physicians and leadership.

Patient Experience and Measurement: CMHS assists in delivering an effective patient experience across all consumer touch points including telephone, online, and direct patient contact. Patient experience measurement and improvement is a key strategy to support ACO success—to both optimize shared savings as well as improve loyalty. CMHS delivers key patient experience insights to medical groups with standardized tools that measure patient feedback and drive patient loyalty.

Human Resources: Gaining access to top physicians and exceptional clinical and non-clinical staff is part of CMHS comprehensive and proven recruitment model. CMHS has developed a methodology that results in the hiring of quality clinicians and physicians across the full spectrum of specialties.  Our model assists medical groups with the creation and implementation of recruitment, hiring, orientation and retention processes including employee recognition programs and annual performance assessments as needed.  We provide medical groups with management training that enables the development of their employees through the coaching, counseling and performance improvement.  In addition, CMHS provides input and guidance with the development of employee handbooks and policies. We also offer our clients with assistance in developing staff compensation structures, benefits consultation, creating Total Rewards statements, and developing and implementing employee engagement surveys.

Facilities Management: CMHS provides oversight and guidance as it relates to building site maintenance, real estate negotiation, facility purchase and lease transactions, including investment analyses and will prepare and oversee physical space planning as determined by the needs of the medical group.

Compensation Model: In alignment with the strategic plans of a specific medical group, CMHS offers guidance on a wide variety of compensation structures for physicians and staff taking into account the legal and regulatory framework that govern compensation as well as market survey benchmarks.  CMHS offers analysis for both physicians and support staff in alignment with geographic regions.

Information Technology and Integration: Many medical practices are absent of the internal expertise required to evolve their applications, infrastructure or processes to meet the increasing demands of a changing health care delivery model.  The CMHS IT Team offers clients expertise in leveraging existing assets and extending their usability via a suite of integrated products that meet the demands of Physicians, Operating Staff and Patients.