Building Better Margins

An intelligent finance function makes claims and payment data more timely, accessible and actionable. CareMount Health Solutions (CMHS) offers revenue cycle data-driven analytics to optimize operations and offers strategic direction for new revenue generation and revenue capture.

Our Revenue Cycle Management includes:

In order to enhance returns and reduce costs, CMHS also supports medical groups by preparing and delivering financial forecasts, compensation reports, balance sheets, profit and loss statements, accounting controls, audit facilitation, payroll, tax preparation, key financial performance indicators all with the goal of increasing collections, reducing the cost to collect, and achieving scale.  CMHS performs practice analysis of coding patterns, billing and documentation compliance ensuring services comply with applicable statutes, regulations and rules pertaining to Medicare, Medicaid and all of other payors.  Our clients gain efficiency, insight, and actionable intelligence through technology-enabled workflows, real-time dashboards, and practical analytics. The improved margin can be reinvested toward the medical group’s mission — be it caring for patients, providers, or the greater community.